My artwork, ‘Image : Seed of Divine Life’ (Ikonic Mixed-Media Construction) along with its counterpart ‘Auracourt’,  both simultaneously came into this world, completed in 2003. Now looking back, together they represent a significant personal achievement or milestone in my overall lifetime creative output.  The realization of these works, and especially ‘Image : Seed of Divine Life’, literally almost pushed me over the edge, but I believe that the end result speaks for itself. The inner workings, complexities, personal creative dialogue in the construction of this piece, for me were akin to that of navigating in a tiny raft with a paddle board through some dangerous rocks, with swift and treacherous currents. Somehow, I emerged the better for it - safely on the other side.  

At a key juncture in composing this work, I arrived with the ‘Mother and Child’ motif and a lot of dead space that simply was not working. Only after my ceasing all further work on ‘Image : …’ for a season of much needed personal deliberation, was I then able to boldly resume work on the piece, without any hesitation. Working largely intuitively, while simply trusting the dialogue between ‘the process’ and my ‘own internal promptings’… I began to whittle away, carefully cutting out and removing in small stages,  entire sections of the image.. Soon, the new ‘dynamic’ shape that was emerging took on a life of it’s own, suggesting a once the symbolism of the organic growth of the tree (outwardly) and the  (inward) internal cross-section of the birth canal of the Holy Virgin. The image reveals something of the miraculous, invisible processes taking place in  the womb, as it has been touched by the miracle of the Virgin Birth, by the Holy Spirit. Because, all of my artworks are of a ‘sacred nature’, a modern solution of merely pinning or hanging the art onto the wall, simply would not do!  It became quite clear to me some time ago, that such sacred works necessitated the construction of a surrounding, all encompassing, enveloping, nurturing, protective ‘house’ – made with wood and wrapped with metal. In the case of ‘Image : …’,  the  golden ethereal, near-byzantine quality of light, emanating from within - demanded an equally grand treatment of the surrounding metal frame. For one, the myriad of (precious) golden nails, especially along the front lip of the rim,  speaks of a joyful devotional love for the processes of art making as well as a tribute ‘to the giver of the gift’ who makes it all possible.